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2005 News and Titles

2005 News and Events
A fun filled year with great friends

  • What a FUN filled weekend in Mathis at the Coastal Bend Club 2005 Trial

    • Danny showed Celine for SchH3 and what fun we all had

    • Charles and Kimon get a 284, Arturo and Erich get a SchH1, Larry and Logo also get a SchH3. Congrats to all.

  • Alvin and Aurick and Rich and Quark both get SchH 3's, under Carla Griffith, Danny and Bugsy "Barker" get their BH. 10/2/05

  • 1st South Central Region USA Helper Seminar and Evaluation 10/1/05

    • Danny, Rob, Arturo, Randall - our USA Teaching Helpers

  • Alvin and Aurick and Rich and Quark both get SchH 2 under Manfred Scholz also Brandon gets his BH with Bishop. 5/28/05

  • "Helper Training Seminar" May 15,2005

  • SCR USA Danny and other Teaching Helpers hold SCR Helper seminar on April 10, 2005

    • Danny, Rob and Randall did a great job- if you missed it, look for the next one.

  • 2005 AWDF

    • Richard and Grimm take 9th at the AWDF (2005) Great JOB! March 2005

  • 2005 South Central Regionals

    • Richard Atkins and Quark get his SchH/VPG 1 at and 1st Place with Quark vom Germalhaus

  • Richard and Grimm win SCR FH Championship with a 98! 3-16-05