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NEWS and Other things from our club members as well as our "training group" who work with the club

We are looking forward to all the
new trials and shows to come!!

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Danny invited to Winnipeg CA - Training Seminar

Danny was invited to visit the Winnipeg Working Dog Club for a training seminar. We were hosted by GSSCC Judge Jim Chrisp and his awesome wife Jean Chrisp.   Our friends Cathy and Barry Gay, and Holly and Dylan Powell from Saskatoon, with Central Plains Schutzhund Club were there too!  The weather was brisk and the club was ready to train.  On Thursday we met a number of the club members and their dogs.  It was clear Jim and Jean and the club were ready to train and learn new ideas from Danny.   The field was huge with a tree line on one side and a business on the other it was green and lush with a great club house. 

Congrats Windy and Alpha on your BH!!

While I missed seeing it, we saw some video and it sounds like they were both excellent!!  IT was the first trial for Renegae Working Dogs and they had a nice size entry and did a good job with the event.  

Again Windy - Good work with your First Working Dog - :0 Looking forward to seeing you and Alpha progress.

Danny Grayson and Don Yelle - Invited to Canada for Helper Workshop
Helper Gear - by Tony McFeeWhat a great opportunity and great fun! Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club, member club of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada, hosted United Schutzhund Clubs of America, Teaching Helpers Danny Grayson (Austin Schutzhund Club) and Don Yelle (Quinebaug Schutzhund Club) for a Helper Workshop in Surrey BC in early March.  
Helper Seminar - Greater Houston

Danny Grayson and Charles Ottesen have done it again!  Our two club Helpers and USCA Teaching Helpers were invited to come to Greater Houston Schutzhund Club for a Helper Seminar. It was great fun and there were many helpers and handlers for the event.

Overall we now have three new Basic Helpers and more Helpers still working toward Basic.  Each of the guys who went through the evaluation have a great story.

Richard Atkins places 2nd and Charles Ottensen chosen as Helper at South Central Regional Championship!
  • We want to congratulate Richard and Ferro for their 2nd Place at the South Central Regional Championship!  He also won High HOT (Handler Owner Trained) as well as High Tracking - so it was quite a day for the two of them.  

  • Charles Ottensen was selected as the IPO1 and IPO2 Helper and as always did an excellent job!

Here are some pictures of the event, we hope you enjoy them!

Helper Seminar, June 30th and July 1st in Pomfret CT with Danny Grayson and Don Yelle


Quinebaug Schutzhund Club hosted Teaching Helper Danny Grayson and Teaching Helper Don Yelle for a Helper Seminar in

Pomfret CT.
 Don Yelle is the Regional Director of the New England Region, USCA Teaching Helper, Don has worked a number of National events and competes with his own dogs as well.  The two made another great team, one talking the other doing then they would switch!

Also met lots of very nice people!  Gary and his sister Sue were delightful, Harry Alexander was great to meet since he knew all the Texas crew from his time in Houston.  As always, Ivana was right on top of everything with the help of Colleen, Mary and Sue - it was run like clockwork.  

I took some pictures and have them up on Smugmug (new site for me, so hope you can see them) just go to

Helper Seminar and Evaluation - May 12, 2012

The Helper Seminar and Evaluation is over!  What a great day and can I just say Teaching Helpers, Danny Grayson and Charles Ottesen "ROCK" - they work so well together and do just a super job with helpers at all levels.  

A great time was had by all, we had around 20 participants, 3 Helpers took the evaluation and passed with a level of "Basic" which means they can now work a trial.  All three of the guys are with a new forming clubs, so welcome to the South Central Region and congratulations:

2012 Trial Day and new titles

The trial is over and we had some great teams - lots of success and a good time was had by all. Keith Graham, Sherry Lankford and Loren did an excellent job on the food and Andrea Duggan-Jantzen was an excellent Judge.  We really enjoyed her company and wisdom. Todd Neece from the United Fido Club came down from Dallas and worked the IPO 2 and 3 dogs and did a great job along with our Training Director, Danny Grayson who was the helper for the IPO 1 dogs! Thank you to Rob Dunn from Lone Star SchH Club for laying tracks.

We had our members and a few of our training group do a great job with their dogs and a few of them achieved new titles:

Come see our new Logo Design

We have been working on our new Logo! 
I want to say "Thank You" to everyone who helped, had input and ideas with a special thanks to Windy for getting us motivated!

2012 Regional Championship

The South Central Regional Championship was hosted last weekend (Feb 17-19, 2012) by San Gabriel Hund Verein and despite the weather it was a lot of fun!  The SV/FCI Judge Robert Markschlager was an excellent judge with a sharp but fair pencil.  We had a lot of fun meeting him and working with him during the event. 

Danny Grayson (Teaching Helper / National Helper Committee member), Rob Dunn (SCR Regional Training Director) and Dr. Dena McGowan (SCR Regional Director) worked with Herr Markschlager to choose the helpers for the event. 

Friday - We had Helper tryouts: