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Training Group


Our Group and their dogs

The club is dedicated to the sport of Schutzhund.  The people in our group are dedicated to training and titling their dogs.  Each of our members* has trained or is currently in training with a Handler Owned Trained (HOT) dog. 

Our training crew is a group of people that work very hard to meet our club’s standards with their dogs.  They are all a wonderful group of people that are seeking a bond with their dog as well as achieving their training goal.

Training Group and their dogs in training:


Armando Garza

  • Ripley (Mal)

Candi LaRue Smith

  • Exanja BH (HOT)


Charles Ottesen*
and Sunny Moore*

  • Kody - GSD

Chip and Sherry Lankford 

  • Tico vom Tal Der Schatten BH (RIP)

  • Kiya Del Destino     

  • Axel von Cedarrock BH

Cynthia Shuster

  • "Blake" SG Vikto Vom Haus Brezel, IPO2, IGP3, HOT

  • Tank!


David Pletka



Eric Erickson


Georgia Liszt 

  • Vice IPO3, BH (HOT)



  • Vinny (Cane Corso)

Julia and Danny Grayson*

  • Frenzi vom Lieben Krieger "Faith" BH

  • Rush vom Rebel Yelle


Kat DiBella

  • Winter (GSD)


Kathy Grayson

  • Freyja (GSD)

Kelly Green 

  • Hades v Danaru, BH, IGP1 (HOT)

  • Cider (GSD)



Mike Krizan

  • Feyd (GSD)

Terri Wilson

  • Sunnybrooks Wild Child "Zee" IGP1, BH (HOT)

  • Mae West - BH (HOT)

  • Taz (Dutchie)


Tom Carter* 

  • Captain van Meerhout BH

  • Doug

Will Pursley*

  • Sirius's Grace vom Longername BH, IGP2 (HOT)



























































































updated as of 11/30/22


Notice:  We are a club of experienced trainers that are dedicated to our sport, the breed, and human/dog relationship.  We are not paid professional trainers by trade.  Therefore we do not train so you can sell your services, your dog, or for personal protection.  If you are interested in selling your dog or want personal protection and require some additional training, we can help direct you to someone who can assist you.


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