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2006 News and Titles

2006 News and Titles
This was a great year, we had a number of great times and titles

  • Nov 2006 Mathis, Coastal Bend Trial - We LOVE Mathis and the Coastal Bend club.  The tracking is always perfect and the hospitality is wonderful.  Each year Coastal Bend and Greater Houston Share the trial location and it is always a fun time with lots of good friends.  Last weekend was awesome! We look forward to next year and hope to see ya there!  There was a lot of success with us and our other friends
    • Danny and Bugsy (aka Barker/BB) get a SchH1
    • Barry and Quinta get their BH at Mathis. 
    • Barry and Quinta got their BH
    • Danny and "Barker" got SchH 1
    • Charles and Kimon, SchH3 got an FH
  • USA Helper Seminar at the 2006 HOT tournament - USA Members (including judges) working the dogs and teaching our helpers safe and correct work.
  • The 2006 AWDF Championship has come and gone!  Our Region had a good showing with
    • Dave & Rasta
    • Arturo & Hutch (aka Fluffy)
      • other regional memebers trialed too - Donna & Gipper, Steve & Cela, Morris & Aiden
  • 2006 South Central Regional Championship is over, the weather was bad, the scores were not high - but I think everyone learned something and had a pretty good time.
    • FH Results:
      • Rich and Grimm won the FH Championship with a 98,
      • Dave and Dax came in a close 2nd with 97,
      • Alvin & Aurick got his First FH with a passing score. 
    • Regional Championship results.  We had a couple entries from club/training members,
      • Dave and Rasta took 1st place with a 274
      • Arturo and Kirsche trialed, but had a "Ruff" day - however as "ruff" as it was Danny and Arturo are both very happy that Kirsche is back training.  I think both Arturo and Dave are going to the AWDF - so look for them there. 2-25-06