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2009 News and Titles

2009 News and Events
This was another great year!  The big news for the year is Danny gets his SchH3 on Barker "BB" and it was an awesome trial with Carla Griffith.  Over the year we also had some other great success!

  • Aug 2009 was a HOT weekend in should I say evening (12:00 Midnight) with USA Judge Frank Phillips
    • Rich and Yoschy van Meerhout SchH1
  • Feb 2009 with USA Carla Griffith
    • Rich and Yoschy van Meerhout BH
    • Danny and Bugsy (BB) SchH3
    • Julia and Alli von Oben "Lil" BH
  • 2009 USA Helper College, Iowa
    • Teaching Helpers
      • Danny Grayson
      • Charles Ottesen