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2011 USA Nationals - Helper College Kansas City, KS

2011 USA Nationals was host to the Helper College at Kansas City, KS
The two teaching helpers in the club (Danny Grayson and Charles Ottensen) were out on the field helping with the Helper College along with a number of the other USA Teaching Helpers!  It was November in Kansas so the weather was very cold and wet!  However, the weather didn't stop the guys and gals who participated in the Helper College, they were troopers.  Dr. Dena McGowan and I sat comfortably warm in the car working on Helper books and the paperwork!

It was a good turnout, we had about 25 people at the seminar.  Afterward we headed over to the trial field to watch Helper tryouts.  The USA Helper Committee; Danny, Nathaniel Roque and Dennis Vander Linde were choosing from the pre-selected helpers; Marcus Hampton, Don Yelle, Kevin Coombs, and Sean Murphy. 
Each of the guys did a great job working the dogs.  And even though there was a little incident at tryouts with one of the dogs and one of the committee members, everything turned out great. 
Marcus was chosen for the back half and Don was selected for the front half.  As the trial got started with the first few dogs everything went well.  Then on the the long bite with one of the dogs, Marcus got his cleat stuck and went down. I commend him that he was thinking of the dog despite his situation.  Unfortunately, Marcus sustained an injury and was not able to return to the field.  Kevin was the backup helper for the back half and he stepped in and did an excellent job.