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March 2012 - Club Trial, USA Andrea Duggan

We are happy to announce that we are hosting USA Judge Andrea Duggan on March 24-25, 2012 for our annual Club Trial.  If you are interested in entering let us know.  

We are offering:

  • IPO 1-3
  • BH

Check here for trial updates - and schedule

We will have limited tracking so enter early!

All tracking will be on Saturday - meet at the Jack in the Box on Hwy 290 right outside of Austin on the way to Manor TX

After tracking we will go to the club field (see map attached) for an awesome lunch that will be waiting for us!  We will then start obedience and protection for the IPO's and do a few of the BH dogs.    If you have a preference please be sure to let us know early and we will work with you as best we can to fit everyones schedule.  If you are bringing your dog(s) please be sure to have a crate.

  • Watch for scores and pictures!!

Here is our schedule and teams entered:



Return to the field for lunch and let people work on the field and helper - Todd Neece who will be doing the work for the IPO 2 and 3 dogs

  • IPO 2 and IPO 3 dogs will do obedience after lunch
  • 3/4 BH dogs (will then do obed phase) with an extra demo dog if needed
  • IPO 2 and IPO 3 dogs will do protection
  • 3 BH dogs will do traffic portion

Dinner at the field -  beef and chicken fajita's with all the fixins - yes I'll also bring salad so you can use the meat and eat a salad for those not eating bread :)


  • IPO 1 dogs will do Obed
  • 3/4 BH dogs will do obed phase
  • IPO 1 dogs will do protection
  • 4 BH dogs will do traffic portion


Handler Dog with titles T O P Total Pass/Fail/DQ Trialing for
Richard Atkins Ferro vom Sitting Bull BH 98 94 94 286   IPO 1
Tom Philbin John Wayne vom Fuchsgraben BH 85 85 94 264   IPO 1
Adi Ibrahimbegovic  Andalus vom Renaissance BH 83 70 0 / Out of control IPO 1
Mildred E Muller Aya vom Hexenberg BH 15 77 81 /   IPO 1
Jessica Ingram Flash vom Waldestraum IPO1 91 84 84 259   IPO 2
Windy Pool Orlanda von Nimbus SchH1 83 59   / dog injured IPO 2
Rachel Rhodes Victor vom Ausland BH, IPO2 3 86 0 / dog injured IPO 3
David Kettrer Xot van Meerhout SchH2 21 77 89 /   IPO 3
Nick Navarro Rosso vom Roten Sturm          PASSED BH
Kathy Poppe Gustavus von der Leidenschaft          PASSED BH
Kathy Poppe Leidenschaft Envy von der          PASSED BH
Keith Graham Kyra Del Destino          PASSED BH
Jim Reid Ambo ze Srdce Lva          PASSED BH
Barbie Piccinni Vinny von Gunbil          PASSED BH