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2012 Regional Championship

The South Central Regional Championship was hosted last weekend (Feb 17-19, 2012) by San Gabriel Hund Verein and despite the weather it was a lot of fun!  The SV/FCI Judge Robert Markschlager was an excellent judge with a sharp but fair pencil.  We had a lot of fun meeting him and working with him during the event. 

Danny Grayson (Teaching Helper / National Helper Committee member), Rob Dunn (SCR Regional Training Director) and Dr. Dena McGowan (SCR Regional Director) worked with Herr Markschlager to choose the helpers for the event. 

Friday - We had Helper tryouts:

Chris Aucoin, Eric Collins and Randall Hoadley - they all did a great job trying out and we appreciate them coming to help make the event a success.

  • Chris Aucoin was choosen to be the back half helper along with the IPO 1 dogs
  • Eric Collins was our front helper
  • Randall Hoadley was the alternate helper

Saturday - Was wet and rainy!! I have to hand it to the competitors, they were troopers along with the crowd who supported the club and competitors.  There were some very nice teams and great routines here is a pic of the final scores from the SCR Facebook page.