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2012 Trial Day and new titles

The trial is over and we had some great teams - lots of success and a good time was had by all. Keith Graham, Sherry Lankford and Loren did an excellent job on the food and Andrea Duggan-Jantzen was an excellent Judge.  We really enjoyed her company and wisdom. Todd Neece from the United Fido Club came down from Dallas and worked the IPO 2 and 3 dogs and did a great job along with our Training Director, Danny Grayson who was the helper for the IPO 1 dogs! Thank you to Rob Dunn from Lone Star SchH Club for laying tracks.

We had our members and a few of our training group do a great job with their dogs and a few of them achieved new titles:

*Richard Atkins – Ferro Sitting Bull IPO1, 98/94/94=286V

Adi Ibrahimbegovic - and Andalus vom Renaissance BH worked hard for an IPO 1, but in the end Andalus was just a little too happy about the Helper and was DQ’d for out of control – but Adi was a trooper and will be back working hard to get that title.

Windy Pool and Orlanda von Nimbus SchH1 did a great job getting ready and Windy did an excellent job handling Orla – however due to an injury they didn’t get to finish the trial but should be proud of the achievement and progress they made getting ready for the trial.

Keith Graham – Kyra Del Destino BH, look for this team in the future

Kathy Poppe – Gustavus von der Leidenschaft “Gus” BH and Leidenschaft Envy von der "Emmi" BH

Jim Reid - Ambo ze Srdce Lya BH

Barbara Piccinni – Vinny BH