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Danny Grayson and Don Yelle - Invited to Canada for Helper Workshop

Helper Gear - by Tony McFeeWhat a great opportunity and great fun! Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club, member club of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada, hosted United Schutzhund Clubs of America, Teaching Helpers Danny Grayson (Austin Schutzhund Club) and Don Yelle (Quinebaug Schutzhund Club) for a Helper Workshop in Surrey BC in early March.  
I tagged along for the ride and experience of BC.  Danny and I came up a little early.  Our friends Dave Jantzen, President - German Shepherd Schutzhund Dog Club of Canada, and Andrea Duggan Jantzen, USCA/SV Judge, provided us with a home for the week.  They were gracious guests and took excellent care of us for the entire week. 
During the week, we met many wonderful people, just to name a few; Marsha, Jan, Rita, Mary Lee, Michelle, Ken, Chris, Mo, Sheila, Marco, Brad, Dorwin, Lance, Don and Ralph and Shelly who are the developers and production side of Redline Dog Equipment.  
Everyone was so pleasant and extremely nice to us, going above and beyond sometimes, such as when Marsha and Shelly left training and brought back a new piece of equipment for Danny – that was awesome or Rob who lent Danny rain boots for the second day to help keep the Texan dry.  Overall everyone welcomed us to Canada, their club and field. 
We also got to meet up with and train with friends from Saskatoon Canada, Barry and Cathy Gay during the day while most everyone was at work. After we trained, we would go and eat some good food, and then we would come back to the club field, to watch and enjoy dog training. We also got to spend some time with Tracy Bullinger and John Sheenan who took time to show us their home and spend some time just talking about dogs and good times. 

I have to say, I was very impressed with the obedience and protection at the club, Danny and I both saw and brought home a few great ideas for the dogs in our club.
As the weekend approached, Danny and Don’s excitement grew – they were ready to meet new people and share how our USCA Helper Program seminars are conducted.  The LMGSSC Workshop was geared to working dogs for trials – using safe and correct Helper work. 
We had quite a few Helpers and Spectators – Danny and Don split the groups, the new Helpers to Danny and the experienced Helpers to Don, each group had about 15 Helpers ready and willing to learn and participate.  Over the next two days the guys talked about presence in the blind, sleeve presentation, stick presentation, trial procedure, learning to listen to and take direction from the Judge and of course the safety of the dog was the prime objective and the most important thing they taught.  Our Spectators brought dog after dogs so each Helper could work a dog and practice the skills they were learning or perfecting. 
While the weather didn’t cooperate the LMGSSC team sure did, they were prepared – during lunch the first day the rain started and before you knew it they had huge tents up on the field and the workshop continued without a hitch.

While the Danny, Don, Helpers and Spectators were on the field, the other team of LMGSSC members were in the clubhouse preparing food for lunches and dinner for everyone at the event, I think there were at least 75 people to feed twice a day on both days so it was no small task, but they didn’t even blink.
The rain wasn't the only malady - during our trip up, my camera got switched on in my bag and drained the battery. I thought I had the charger, but couldn't find it so I had to use Andrea's camera. I also loaded the first days pictures to my laptop, and then lost it when I got home. So I have some pictures but only thanks to two great people!  Special Thank You to Tony McFee for sending me his pictures and Andrea for sending me a CD with some of the ones I took on the second day.  To enjoy more pictures from Tony and me click here!
Overall it was a wonderful week and weekend, we met a number of people who we hope to keep in touch with and see as we continue to enjoy our dog sport. In closing we want to thank the club, Helpers, our Hosts, Spectators and Handlers who made this event a success.
Thanks Tony and Andrea!
Julia Grayson