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Danny invited to Winnipeg CA - Training Seminar

Danny was invited to visit the Winnipeg Working Dog Club for a training seminar. We were hosted by GSSCC Judge Jim Chrisp and his awesome wife Jean Chrisp.   Our friends Cathy and Barry Gay, and Holly and Dylan Powell from Saskatoon, with Central Plains Schutzhund Club were there too!  The weather was brisk and the club was ready to train.  On Thursday we met a number of the club members and their dogs.  It was clear Jim and Jean and the club were ready to train and learn new ideas from Danny.   The field was huge with a tree line on one side and a business on the other it was green and lush with a great club house. 

On Thursday, each dog was worked either with the club helper, Jim or Danny and then discussed where the dog was and some ideas to move forward. Thursday night we enjoyed a great dinner and lots of dog talk. Friday, there was rain, but we started early and more members and other clubs also attended, again each dog was worked and then they discussed how to move forward or keep up the great work they were already enjoying.  

Both days while the members waited to work their dog they sat either on the field or in the clubhouse telling stories and talking about their dogs.  The club had a beautiful club house with a porch and pinic tables which were perfect for watching training or trials.  The inside was decorated with many many trophies and jerseys from World Championship events that the club members had been participants.  As always there was food and drinks for everyone, it was perfect. 

Saturday - was a surprise! The beautiful club house had been burned down to the ground!  Everyone was in shock - all the memorabilia was gone, all the food for the event was gone, all the drinks were gone and ALL the club equipment along with ALL of Danny's equipment was also GONE!  There was fear, shock, outrage, disbelief and tears!  

But the club didn't let the incident stop them - whoever did this to their club wasn't going to stop them from enjoying working their dogs.  They gathered up what was left, moved the training table in the truck and we went to Jim and Jean home and continued training.  As the day moved on people were still in shock and disbelief someone could and would do this to the clubhouse and club.  On Saturday the club came together and had a party and talked about the club house, how they would proceed and get back to their field with a new a better club house!  They were not to be deterred.

Sunday we trained again and spent time talking about the dogs and plans for each and everyone of them with new ideas and plans.  We also go to learn a some great obedience and protection methods from Jim and Jean which we still use in the club today.

While the clubhouse being destroyed was horrible – it was awesome to see the club pick up the pieces and move forward.

We wish the club and members great success and hope to see them on the WUSV Teams again soon to restart the and make new great memories.