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Richard Atkins places 2nd and Charles Ottensen chosen as Helper at South Central Regional Championship!

  • We want to congratulate Richard and Ferro for their 2nd Place at the South Central Regional Championship!  He also won High HOT (Handler Owner Trained) as well as High Tracking - so it was quite a day for the two of them.  

  • Charles Ottensen was selected as the IPO1 and IPO2 Helper and as always did an excellent job!

Here are some pictures of the event, we hope you enjoy them!

Ferro vom Sitting Bull IPO3

Handler Owner Trained (HOT)

Richard Atkins

2nd Place South Central Regional Championship

96-89-92 = 277

High Tracking and High HOT



Richard and Ferro - lets get started


Ferro retrieve on the flat

Richard and Ferro Sendout

Richard and Ferro waiting on their obedience critique

Ferro escape bite 

Ferro re-attack drive

Richard and Ferro escort

Richard and Ferro report to USCA Judge Andrea Duggan

Ferro and USCA Helper Ryan White

Ferro and USCA Helper Ryan White

Richard and Ferro disarmng USCA Helper Ryan White