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2-26-2012 Club training

We had a great day!  Everyone is working very hard to get ready for the trial with USA Judge Andrea Duggan on March 24th and 25th!  While the nerves are high, so are the spirits. Here are just a few pics from the day!  Come on in and check out the pictures:

Kathy and Gus working on obedience and focus - they will be going for their BH in March

Gus - perfect hold

he got the gold star of the day!

Leo and Excellerate

Richard working on retrieves - now I call that a good stop when your feet leave the ground to pick up the dumbell


Richards dog Ferro - on the return with the dumbell - Look for Rich and Ferro's IPO1 in March

Keith's May doing a great job learning to carry - look for her going for her BH in March

Barbara and Vinnie

Jim and Ambo working on obie bites

Sarah and Blade - very nice front -  sorry Sarah I only got Blade :)

Windy and Sepp - working on "out"

Sepp and Danny - very nice long bite!   

Morgan working on her skills!