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Helper Seminar - Nov 2015

Danny with Chad's WitchWe are hosting a Helper Seminar and Classification on Friday Nov 27th with
Don Yelle, Danny Grayson, Rob Dunn and Charles Ottesen!

This will be an opportunity to learn from our some of our Regional Teaching Helpers as well as
National Level and Teaching Helper Don Yelle from Connecitcut.



  • Don has an outstanding resume such as working the 2011-2015 USCA Sieger Shows, North American Championships, AWDF Championships, USCA Working Dog Championships, USCA GSD National Championships, USCA/GSDCA-WDA World Qualifier and AWMA National Championships.
  • Charles also has an outstanding resume, working multiple USCA Sieger Shows, Regional Championships and Club Trials.
  • Danny has trained a number of helpers and watched them grown into great helpers as well as worked many Regional and Club trials.
  • Rob has worked multiple Regional and Club trails as well as helped many helpers develop their skills to also become great helpers.

If you want to learn from the best come on out on Friday and enjoy the event - we need dogs and helpers!  Also, if you are inclined to make it a dog weekend - there will be two trials following the Seminar.  Greater Houston and San Gabriel are hosting Andrea Duggan here in Austin.

Make your plans, train hard, show up and have fun!

Click here for Event Flyer