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NEWS and Other things from our club members as well as our "training group" who work with the club

We are looking forward to all the
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2011 Club Christmas Party
We had a great Christmas Party with lots of great friends, food and fun!

We invited our friends from Lone Star Schutzhund Club and everyone brought some yummy food.  We had a gift exchange which went well even when someone took something someone else wanted, everyone "acted" like adults.   The 2 inch ribeye steaks were highly sought after along with the doggie bed and a cool necklace. 

Christmas Party 2011

There is no better time to train dogs, play shuffle board and share good times and with your friends 

2011 Coastal Bend Trial

Nov 2011 - Coastal Bend Schutzhund Club with USA Judge Andrea Duggan in Mathis TX
This has been an annual event with great tracking and great friendships. The club hosts the event in Mathis TX - about 45 minutes from Corpus Christi. After a day of trialing dogs everyone heads off to the "Ranch Motel" for the parking lot cook out! Buddy is generally our major cook and bottle washer, but this year he couldn't be there due to his health issue.

2011 USA Nationals - Helper College Kansas City, KS

2011 USA Nationals was host to the Helper College at Kansas City, KS
The two teaching helpers in the club (Danny Grayson and Charles Ottensen) were out on the field helping with the Helper College along with a number of the other USA Teaching Helpers!  It was November in Kansas so the weather was very cold and wet!  However, the weather didn't stop the guys and gals who participated in the Helper College, they were troopers.  Dr. Dena McGowan and I sat comfortably warm in the car working on Helper books and the paperwork!

2011 USA Sieger Show - Dallas, TX

2011 USA Seiger Show was held in Dallas Texas
Our group traveled to Dallas for the show and also to enter our club dogs who had been working very hard with gaiting and show training.  All the hard work paid off, we had some great success with the dogs and lots of fun with friends that were also at the event.  We got a number of show ratings on both our young dogs and the ones that were in the working dog class

2010 News and Titles

2010 News!! It was a busy year, and we had some great results
In light of the new site, I am listing the info from 2010 as just one news item. But we have a ton of new training partners and they have worked really hard and are now on their way!  Come on in and visit the club and see the new and upcoming dogs in the club.

2009 News and Titles

2009 News and Events
This was another great year!  The big news for the year is Danny gets his SchH3 on Barker "BB" and it was an awesome trial with Carla Griffith.  Over the year we also had some other great success!

2008 News and Titles

2008 News and Events
Another great year Danny and Rich out there getting it done!


  • Aug 2008 / Richard and Quark vom Germalhaus SchH3

  • Nov 2008 / Danny and (My dog) Mallie get the RH title

  • 2008 USA Helper College, Austin, TX

    • Teaching Helper - Danny Grayson


2007 News and Titles

2007 News and Titles
Hahaha!! This was either a very light year or I lost the titles from the group.

  • 2007 South Central Regional Show
    • "Lil" (Alli von oben) gets her AD and her first show rating (and dental notation) just in case....
  • 2007 USA Helper College
    • Teaching Helper - Danny Grayson
2006 News and Titles

2006 News and Titles
This was a great year, we had a number of great times and titles

2005 News and Titles

2005 News and Events
A fun filled year with great friends

  • What a FUN filled weekend in Mathis at the Coastal Bend Club 2005 Trial

    • Danny showed Celine for SchH3 and what fun we all had

    • Charles and Kimon get a 284, Arturo and Erich get a SchH1, Larry and Logo also get a SchH3. Congrats to all.